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Contact Information

James Christopher Razook

Senior Operations Officer

14th Floor, One Pacific Place

88 Queensway, Admiralty

Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 2509 8100

Fax: (852) 2509 9363



Nguyen Nguyet Anh
Operations Officer
3rd floor, 63 Ly Thai To St.
Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel: (+84-4) 38247892
Fax: (+84 4) 38247898

Vietnam Corporate Governance Project


As Vietnam integrates into the global economy, Vietnamese companies are facing up to the need to compete in a global market place where investment criteria are increasingly being scrutinized. Th e volatility that shook the global economy and the subsequent impacts on global fi nance and investment behavior has amplified the value of good corporate governance for Vietnamese companies and for sustainable economic development.

IFC is implementing the Vietnam Corporate Governance Project with the overall goal of improving corporate governance (CG) practices in Vietnam. Specifi c project activities are administered through a spectrum of governance interventions, including:


  • Advising companies and institutional investors and banks to implement good CG practices
  • Working with relevant government organizations to improve the regulatory framework on CG
  • Strengthening capacities in educational and training institutions to provide CG training
  • Raising public awareness of the importance of CG.


Publications of the Vietnam Corporate Governance Project


Corporate Governance in Vietnam
Success Stories



Who’s Running the Company

Corporate Governance Scorecard for Vietnam 2012

Corporate Governance Scorecard for Vietnam 2011

Navigating Through Crises: A Handbook for Boards

IFC Family Business Governance Handbook

Corporate Governance Scorecard for Vietnam conducted 2010 based on 2009 data

OECD Principles of Corporate Governance




OECD Guidelines on Corporate Governance of State-owned Enterprises

Principles for Enhancing Corporate Governance (BASEL, 10/2010)

Vietnam Corporate Governance Manual

Report on the Observance of
Standards and Codes (ROSC)


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