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Energy Efficient Machinery: Transport

Since the 1960s, IFC has invested over $2 billion in 90 transportation equipment companies in 30 countries. Investments in the automotive and other transportation equipment sectors create opportunities and help reduce poverty by enhancing the flow of goods and the mobility of people, improving business opportunities, and raising standards of living and quality of life in emerging markets.


IFC’s investments are creating jobs, building markets, advancing technology, and transferring managerial know-how. We play a critical global leadership role by ensuring that all of our projects set a strong example of environmental and social stewardship.  Our industry knowledge spans the range of production, from component manufacturing to vehicle assembly and distribution. Our expertise extends from the automotive sector to rail and air transportation equipment and components, shipyards, and selective automotive consumer services such as fleet management, car rentals, and consumer financing. 

Automotive Industry: Process Innovation and Environmental Leadership

In an industry characterized by increasing competition, margin pressure, and regulatory and environmental requirements, automotive companies are –, of necessity, – leaders in product and process innovations. Such innovations enhance the competitive marketplace and lead to higher productivity and economic growth. IFC projects seek to maximize the use of best industry and environmental practices, enabling our clients to compete successfully and contribute to long-term domestic and global sector growth. 


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