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Energy Efficient Machinery: Infrastructure Machinery

There is an urgent need for energy in the developing world. Seven hundred million people in South Asia and five hundred fifty million in Africa lack access to electricity. There also is an urgent need to expand infrastructure throughout the developing world. And there is an urgent need to transition to a less carbon-intensive global economy. 

For these reasons, IFC has prioritized investments in energy efficient machinery: to help reduce poverty by expanding access to alternative and affordable sources of electricity,  to encourage infrastructure expansion and to mitigate the impacts of climate change—of particular importance for industries such as transport and construction with a significant track record of carbon emissions. Our investments here cover three main segments: 

Transport Equipment
Infrastructure Supply Chain and other Machinery
Renewables Supply Chain

As with all of our projects, we focus on maximizing development impact through job creation, deepened local supply chains and enhanced economic development opportunities. Efforts in all three areas continue to evolve, as innovation makes new technology more affordable and more scalable.

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