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Organica Water, Hungary

Organica Water provides solutions that help customers build and operate biological wastewater treatment plants. Organica’s approach enables clients from Eastern Europe to Asia face urban water challenges with solutions that are both cost and resource efficient. Organica Fixed-Bed Biofilm Activated Sludge (FBAS) technology is a type of Integrated Fixed Film Activated Sludge (IFAS) system that leverages the use of various natural and engineered media to provide a habitat for a diverse fixed-film bacterial culture which metabolizes the contaminants in wastewater. The resulting wastewater treatment solution reduces capital expenditure (smaller footprint) and operating expenditure, generates less sludge than conventional treatment and integrates well in urban areas due to better odor control.


IFC & Organica Water


IFC led Organica’s series B round of financing, committing $4 million in 2012. This financing will be used for continued global business development, a wastewater treatment design platform, research and development, and general working capital.


IFC sits on the board of Organica. This relationship helps leverage IFC’s emerging market client network, opening new sales opportunities to water utility clients. 


Development Impact


Quality & Pricing Organica’s treatment process is particularly attractive in emerging markets where urbanization and water quality issues are prevalent. The biological treatment technology offers substantial savings in capital costs, operating cost, and physical land use and allows local markets to deliver this key infrastructure service during periods of population growth. It also is applicable in markets where wastewater treatment infrastructure is relatively new and where new solutions can be introduced. Additionally, the biological treatment system increases resiliency against wastewater quality variability.


Access IFC’s investment in Organica will help the company spread its innovative wastewater treatment technology to emerging markets. Organica looks to expand operations in emerging markets, seeking to expand existing work in China, India, Indonesia, Turkey, Russia, and Ukraine. IFC also sees opportunity for significant opportunities in Latin America and the Caribbean. It is expected that this technology will scale up and reach new users.


Sustainability Organica’s system allows for the preservation of land value by introducing engineered ecosystems that reduce the infrastructural footprint of traditional wastewater facilities while also being aesthetically pleasing.

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