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The need for infrastructure improvements in the developing world is critical. Untold numbers of businesses suffer from lack of reliable power for industrial processes or because they cannot get their goods to the market. At the most basic level, millions of lives are threatened every day for lack of clean water or safe sanitation.

Private participation in infrastructure can help people in developing countries by extending their access to basic infrastructure and by improving the quality and reliability of infrastructure services.

Investment in infrastructure projects forms a key part of IFC's institutional strategy. IFC delivers landmark projects with high direct and indirect impact on the poor. In recent years, our investment strategy has shifted to frontier countries and regions, where our services are most needed.


At the sub-national level, IFC also provide states, provinces, municipalities, and their enterprises with financing and access to capital markets, without sovereign guarantees. On a selective basis we also provide financial support to nationally owned enterprises operating in natural monopoly infrastructure sectors.

Because of IFC’s increased concern about global climate change our resources are increasingly focused on renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. We have also become increasingly more active in supporting water projects to avert a looming crisis.

In all of IFC's financings, our primary objective is to strengthen the borrowers ability to deliver key infrastructure services such as water, wastewater management, transportation, gas and electricity, and to improve their efficiency and accountability as service providers.

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