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CNN World View Feature on IFC Client, Magrabi Hospitals, Egypt

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CNN World View aired a feature story, December 11-14, 2009 on IFC client, Magrabi Eye Hospitals & Centers, Egypt. 

It is a four-minute piece showing patients who have had cataract surgery at Magrabi's Cairo Hospital and caravans going to remote areas to pick up poor patients. The work of the Al-Noor Magrabi Foundation is mentioned as well as IFC's role in private sector health and its investment in the parent company. There are interviews with Amin El-Magraby, member of Magrabi's board and VP of the Al-Noor Magrabi Foundation; Mutasim Alireza, managing director of Magrabi Hospitals & Centers; Dr. Ayman Salah, medical director of Magrabi Hospital, Cairo; and two patients who can now see as a result of cataract surgery: 9-year-old Nagham and Abdel Mahmod, a low-income farmer in his 70s.

People of all income levels benefit from Magrabi’s eye care services including those who cannot afford to pay and are treated free of charge at a special clinic. El-Magraby refers to the project as a "business model for the future... social entrepreneurship or compassionate capitalism." Alireza says that providing health care to people is a “humanitarian service.” IFC’s Health and Education Director, Guy Ellena, adds that IFC's investment is increasing access to high-quality care and that private sector health is occupying a big space in health care systems in both developed and developing countries.

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