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2006 International Investment Forum for Private Higher Education

February 1-3, 2006

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Day 1 Wednesday, February 1
6:00pm Reception
Main Foyer, IFC
7:00pm Welcoming Dinner
Welcoming Remarks:
Mr. Lars Thunell (Executive Vice President, IFC)
Special Guest Keynote Speaker: Sir John Daniel
(President and CEO, Commonwealth of Learning, formerly Assistant Director-General for Education, UNESCO, formerly Vice Chancellor, UK Open University)[pdf]

Day 2 Thursday, February 2
8:00-8:30am Registration and Breakfast
8:30-9:00am Welcoming Remarks
Guy Ellena (Director, Health & Education Department, IFC)
9:00-10:00am Global and US Marketplace Trends
  • The US Higher Education Market
Kosmo Kalliarekos (Senior Partner, The Parthenon Group, USA) [pdf]
  • Global Marketplace Trends in Higher Education
Ron Perkinson (Principal Education Specialist, IFC)
10:00-10:30am Coffee
10:30-12:15pm Setting the Scene
Enhancing Access and Quality in Higher Education: New Challenges and Opportunities
Jamil Salmi (Coordinator, World Bank's Network of Tertiary Education Specialists)[pdf]
Doing Education Business in China: Case Studies
  • By Acquisition: CIBT Joint Venture Business School
Toby Chu (CEO, Capital Alliance Group, Canada) [pdf]
  • Through Internationalization: A Joint Hybrid Program
Robert Ubell (Dean, School of Professional Education, Stevens Institute of Technology, USA) [pdf]
  • Advancing Quality Through Internationalization
John Odhiambo (President, Strathmore University: Global Business School Network, Kenya) [pdf]
12:15-13:30pm Lunch
13:30-15:00pm Successful ICT Assisted Learning Models: Case Studies
  • Successful ICT Assisted Learning Models: A Developing Country’s Perspective
Gopal Rajagopalan (Vice Chairman and Managing Director , Manipal Universal Learning Private Limited, India) [pdf]
  • Lessons Learned on Delivering Successful On-line National and Cross Border Education
Hilda Cruz (Vice President, Research & Development , Universidad Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico)
  • A Case for Standardized Curriculum & Technology Assisted Learning
Dr Raul Mendez Seguraz (Rector, Universidad Tecnologica de Mexico, Mexico)
15:00-15:30pm Coffee
15:30-17:00pm Optimizing Opportunities in Technical and Vocational Education:
Case Studies
  • The Chinese Perspective: Opportunities in Higher Education
Asa Konigson (Partner, SweDevelop, Sweden) [pdf]
  • Social & Economic Returns from IT Training Programs
Kagan Kalinyazgan (General Manager, YUCE IT Academy, Turkey) [pdf]
  • Delivering Nursing Degrees, Vocational Programs & Continuing Medical Education by Satellite
Daniel Moy (SAC- Modern Distance Education Project, China)
17:00-18:00pm Networking

Day 3 Friday, February 3
8:00-8:45am Breakfast and Networking
8:45-10:00am Two Feature Presentations
Bernard Hugonnier, Deputy Director for Education, OECD
  • The Realities of Cross Border Delivery in Higher Education: Challenges, Opportunities & Myths
Sir John Daniel (President and CEO, Commonwealth of Learning, formerly Education Director UNESCO, formerly Vice Chancellor, British Open University) [pdf]
  • Building New Campuses in Foreign Markets: RMIT University in Vietnam -Before (the case for development) and After (the reality – what happened)
Professor David Wilmoth (Startup Project Manager, RMIT, Australia)[pdf] & Michael Mann (President RMIT International University. Vietnam) [pdf]
10:00-10:30am Coffee
10:30-11:50am Economics of Developing On-Line Learning Environments
An interactive live videoconference and audience participation
Paul Stacey, Director of Development, BC Campus, Canada
  • A Case for Technology Assisted Learning
  • Opportunities & Pitfalls with Open Source Courseware and Open Source Software
  • Moving from On-line Delivery to Blended Delivery through Local Learning Centers – Evaluating the Differences
  • E-learning – When the Picture is Not Always Rosy!
Tony Bates (President and CEO, Tony Bates Associates, Ltd., USA) by videoconference from Spain[pdf]
Terry Hilsberg (Chief Executive, NextEd Ltd, China)
Paul Lefrere (Open University, United Kingdom)
  • Financing Through IFC
Chris McCahan (Senior Investment Officer, IFC Health & Education Department
  • Lessons Learned: Success Factors in IFC’s Portfolio of Investments in Private Higher Education
Sybile Lazar (Portfolio Manager, IFC Health & Education Department) [pdf]
12:20-13:30pm Lunch
13:30-15:00pm The Changing World of Education Financing
  • Bonds; Student Financing; Structuring Risk Sharing and Financing Facilities
Nathalie Louat (Principal Financial Officer, Structured Finance Department IFC)[pdf]
Case Studies
  • Increasing the Impact and Effectiveness of Foundation and donor funding – leveraging private sector financing
Edward Frankel (Sampoerna Foundation, Indonesia)
  • Structuring a risk sharing model for Student Financing in Panama
Stuart Adamson (Director, Treasury Services, Laureate Education Inc, USA)
  • Vietnam – Insurance-Based Student Financing Scheme
Michael Mann (Founding President RMIT International University. Vietnam) [pdf]
15:30-16:30pm The Impact of Higher Education, Training & Lifelong Learning on Economic Development

Carl Dahlman (Professor of International Affairs and Information Technology, Georgetown University, USA)[pdf]

Case Study: A Strategy for Developing Centers of Excellence

Dr Rolph Balgobin (Executive Director, Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business, the University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago)[pdf]

Lessons Learned: Success Factors in IFC’s Portfolio of Investments in Private Higher Education

Sybile Lazar (Portfolio Manager, IFC Health & Education Department)
16:30-17:00 Wrap Up Session and Future Recommendations

Patrick Leahy (Manager, Health and Education Department, IFC)
Ron Perkinson (Principal Education Specialist, IFC)


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