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Regulating Private Education

Regulation of private education is an issue of critical importance to all stakeholders: governments, providers, investors, parents, and students. How governments frame their regulatory policies will determine the ease or difficulty for private providers to enter the market. When regulations are transparent and appropriately applied, they can offer welcome guidelines to quality providers and help them understand the requirements for working in a given jurisdiction. They can also provide information for parents and students to make decisions on choice of education.


Contributing to the Debate


At a 2008 IFC-World Bank colloquium titled The Evolving Regulatory Context for Private Education in Emerging Economies, participants (including education providers, experts, policymakers, and regulators) offered a variety of perspectives on private provision and regulation. They spoke of the need for sound, well-articulated regulatory frameworks that should ideally be developed in agreement with the private sector as well as consistency, clarity, and transparency in how regulations are enacted. A discussion paper written by international experts John Fielden and Norman LaRocque provided context for the conversation and set out propositions for regulators to consider. Read discussion paper and watch interviews here:




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