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Upcoming Events

Mark your calendars for IFC's upcoming trade and commodity finance events:


February 16-18, 2016

IFC's 7th Global Trade Partners Meeting

IFC hosts a multi-day conference to bring together members of its global trade and commodity finance network, focusing on business development opportunities and culminating in the IFC Best Partner Awards Gala. Join hundreds of leading players in Milan, Italy at the must-attend event for the trade finance industry. Register today!




See presentations and materials from events hosted by IFC:



10th Annual Trade & Supply Chain Seminar (Washington, April 23)

6th Global Trade Partners Meeting (Lisbon, February 18-20)



9th Annual Trade & Supply Chain Seminar (Washington, April 3)



5th Global Trade Partners Meeting (Dubai, October 4-5)

Warehouse Receipt Systems for Inclusive Agricultural Finance (Addis Ababa, June 4-5)

8th Annual Trade & Supply Chain Seminar (Washington, April 11)



4th GTFP Partners Meeting (Istanbul, May 24-25)
7th Annual Trade Finance Seminar (Washington, March 30)

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