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Global Credit Reporting Program (GCRP) Presentation

The presentation is an 18-slide overview of GCRP, its current standing, statistics, results and the benefits of credit reporting systems. Visual aids, including maps and flow charts, supplement the information.


Highlighted Publications:

  • Credit Reporting Knowledge Guide. This revised Guide aims to support best practices in credit reporting development based on IFC’s experience. The second edition updates the original Credit Bureau Knowledge Guide (2006), incorporating developments in credit reporting services over the past six years, including the first universal set of standards for the industry, credit reporting for micro, small, and medium enterprises, and highlights the role that credit reporting is playing in the evolving global responsible lending landscape. Additionally, a set of case studies focusing on various aspects of developing credit reporting systems supplements the theoretical discussions of the Guide.
  • General Principles for Credit Reporting. The report describes the nature of credit reporting elements which are crucial for understanding credit reporting and to ensuring that credit reporting systems are safe, efficient and reliable. The Principles suggest the key characteristics that should be satisfied by different systems and the infrastructure used to support them to achieve a common purpose.
  • Credit Reporting at the Base of the Pyramid. This report takes a fresh look at the state of credit reporting at the base of the pyramid, describing three main approaches: credit bureaus, credit registries and MFI-specific systems for exchanging client information. The data and analysis for this paper are drawn from IFC and CGAP market intelligence on credit reporting systems.



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