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Definition of Project Categories 

Definitions of Project Categories

An environmental and social category is assigned to an investment project after appraisal and before public disclosure during the IFC project/investment cycle.

Projects are assigned a category of A, B, or C, in descending order of environmental and social sensitivity, or FI, in the case of financial institutions that on-lend to clients who may present environmental and social concerns.

Category A projects require a minimum 60-day disclosure period. All other projects require at least 30 days.


Projects expected to have significant adverse social and/or environmental impacts that are diverse, irreversible, or unprecedented.


Projects expected to have limited adverse social and/or environmental impacts that can be readily addressed through mitigation measures.


Projects expected to have minimal or no adverse impacts, including certain financial intermediary projects.


Investments in Financial Intermediaries that themselves have no adverse social and/or environmental impacts but may finance subprojects with potential impacts.

For more definitions refer to the
IFC Disclosure Glossary.

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