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FY11 Business Plan and Budget

The purpose of this paper is to present IFC‘s FY11 business plan and budget for consideration by the Board. It is intended to translate strategic priorities into a business plan, with resources allocated accordingly.

Full document [pdf]

Part I: Business Plan and Context
  • FY10 Progress Report
  • The FY11 Strategy and Business Plan
  • Regional Strategies from IFC Road Map FY11-13
  • Human Resources and Staffing

Part II: IFC 2013
  • Background
  • Diagnostic, Design and Planning for IFC 2013
  • The Costs and Benefits of IFC 2013
  • Implementation Risks

Part III: The Asset Management Company (AMC)

Part IV: FY11 Budget
  • The Strategy and Budget Planning Process
  • FY11 Administrative Budget
  • Productivity and Efficiency
  • Advisory Services
  • Capital Budget
  • Total Resources

Part V: Recommendations
  • Administrative Budget Authority
  • Capital Budget Authority

  • Benefits of Decentralization to Date
  • Costs of IFC 2013
  • Productivity Benefits Expected from IFC 2013
  • Administrative Budget by Cost Category
  • Adjustment for Price Increase
  • Corporate Scorecard
  • The Asset Management Company (AMC)
  • Contributions to Advisory Services FY05-FY15

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