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Institutional and Project-level Information Disclosed

As per IFC's new Access to Information Policy, which came in to effect on 1 January 2012, IFC makes available the following institutional and project-level information.

Investment-Related Information

For investment projects, IFC discloses a summary of investment information (SII) and, if relevant, an Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS), depending on the risk category assigned.


For all Category A investments, disclosure occurs 60 days prior to Board discussion.

For all other investments, disclosure occurs 30 days prior to Board discussion.

Other Documents & Reports



Advisory Services-Related Information

For advisory services projects, IFC discloses a summary of Advisory Services Project Information (ASPI), within 60 days of approval of the project.

Within thirty days of IFC's Board of Directors approval of the establishment or renewal of an advisory services platform, IFC issues a summary of the main elements of the platform.

IFC Strategies, Budget and Policies


Financial Information


  • Most of IFC's financial information is made available through its Annual Report
  • IFC's Annual Information Statement


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