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Annual Report

Results by Industry

Our leadership role in sustainable private sector development reflects a special advantage—the depth and breadth of expertise we have acquired over more than 50 years of helping emerging-market firms succeed and grow.

We provide our clients the right mix of capabilities to address their needs, delivering the best of what IFC has to offer.

Agribusiness & Forestry

Agribusiness is a strategic priority for IFC because of the sector’s broad development impact and strong role in poverty reduction. The agricultural sector often accounts for half of GDP and employment in many developing countries.

IFC helps the private sector address higher demand and escalating food prices in an environmentally sustainable and socially inclusive way. We support global initiatives for sustainable production of agricultural commodities. To help clients finance seeds, fertilizers, chemicals, inventories, and fuel for farmers, IFC offers working-capital facilities. To facilitate trade and lower costs, we pursue investments in infrastructure, such as warehouses and cold-storage facilities. We work to bring land into sustainable production and improve productivity through transferring technologies.

IFC helps companies set benchmarks for responsible production, in line with industry best practices. In areas such as sequestering carbon, managing watersheds, preserving biodiversity, and producing renewable energy resources, IFC can help generate new income through environmental services.

FY11 Development Outcome Scores

Numbers at the left end of each bar are the total number of companies rated.
Series 1Series 2

Project Financing and Portfolio

($ millions, fiscal year ending June 30) FY11 FY10***
IFC commitments 512 727
Loans 352 665
Equity 101 18
Guarantees and risk management 58 44
Mobilization Commitments* 175 72
Total commitments 687 798
Committed portfolio for IFC's account 3,095 3,288
Committed portfolio for Loan Syndications** 372 692
Total portfolio 3,467 3,980

* Including Loan Syndications (B-Loans & Parallel Loans & ALPs), Structured Finance, IFC Initiatives, and AMC, as applicable for this Industry Sector

** Including B-Loans, ALPs and Agented Parallel Loans

*** FY10 data has been revised to be consistent with IFC's FY11 re-organizational changes across Industry departments

Development Reach

  New Business Portfolio
Expectations FY11 CY10 CY09
Employment 27,801 366,457 380,465
Female Employment 6,823 107,933 93,951
Number of Farmers* 1,239,140 2,512,370 2,088,890
Number of MSMEs Reached 84,143(a) 804,610 228,686
Domestic Purchase of Goods and Services ($ million) 263.9 2,629 2,697
Payments to Government ($ million) 89 1,431 866

* Number of Farmers includes farmers reached by all IFC industries.

(a) Includes 7,200 MSMEs reached through joint-venture projects with financial markets.

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