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Annual Report

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Our experience shows that companies need more than financial investment to thrive.

To help the private sector in emerging markets, IFC provides advice, problem solving, and training to companies, industries, and governments.

Sustainable Business

We support the development of markets that are inclusive, sustainable, and efficient. Building on IFC’s environmental and social performance standards, we promote sustainable business practices in such sectors as agribusiness, infrastructure, oil, gas, and mining, and manufacturing and services. Our programs promote good corporate governance practices, build the capacity of small firms and small-scale farmers, advance women entrepreneurs, and engage the private sector in climate-change solutions. At the end of FY11, we had an active portfolio of 199 projects in 70 countries, valued at $231.6 million. Our project expenditures totaled $59.8 million. In all, 56 percent of project expenditures attributable to clients in individual countries went to IDA countries and 11 percent to fragile and conflict-affected countries.

Project Expenditures by Product

Sustainable Business

Sustainable Business Advisory Business Line

Product Cumulative Development Results
for Projects Active During CY10
Clean Energy
  • Trained over 1,900 people
  • Facilitated approximately $70 million in financing, including $16.2 million in India and $15.7 million in Africa
  • 500,000 metric tons/year of GHG emissions expected to be avoided
Corporate Governance
  • Reached 6,200 entities
  • Facilitated over $57 million in financing, of which $40 million was in Azerbaijan
  • Enabled enactment of 30 laws related to corporate governance in 16 countries
Environmental, Social and Trade Standards
  • Trained 15,000 people on improving environmental, social and trade standards
  • Enabled businesses to increase their annual sales by approximately $194 million, of which $106.8 million was in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Farmer and SME Training
  • Trained over 69,000 people and reached 15,800 entities
  • Enabled farmers and SMEs to increase their annual sales by approximately $196 million
Resource Efficiency
  • Reached 200 entities through cleaner production audits and broader workshops
  • Facilitated over $57 million in financing, of which $39.6 million was for cleaner production in Russia
  • 300,000 metric tons/year of GHG emissions expected to be avoided in Russia and LAC region
Strategic Community Investment
  • Reached over 244,000 individuals in 2,500 entities
  • Facilitated effective management of $246 million for local communities in Colombia and Peru
Sustainable and Inclusive Investing
  • Trained 1,400 people and reached 740 entities

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