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Annual Report

Results by Industry

Our leadership role in sustainable private sector development reflects a special advantage—the depth and breadth of expertise we have acquired over more than 50 years of helping emerging-market firms succeed and grow.

We provide our clients the right mix of capabilities to address their needs, delivering the best of what IFC has to offer.

Oil, Gas, & Mining

IFC adds value to clients in the oil, gas, and mining industries through private sector financing and advisory services.

We help developing countries realize sustainable economic benefits from natural resources—a key source of jobs, economic opportunities, investments, revenues to government, and energy.

IFC provides debt and equity financing to oil, gas, and mining projects at all stages of project life cycles. In FY12, our new commitments in the sector totaled $491 million, or about 3 percent of commitments for IFC’s own account.

Our clients range from junior exploration companies to the industry majors. As a development institution, IFC evaluates—as part of our decision-making process—the economic benefits that potential investments will bring to the countries and communities in which they are made.

By applying our internationally recognized Performance Standards and leveraging our Advisory Services support, IFC helps clients manage social and environmental risks, and maximize development opportunities. 

FY12 Development Outcome Scores

Numbers at the left end of each bar are the total number of companies rated.
Series 1Series 2

Project Financing and Portfolio, by Industry

Oil, Gas & Mining
$ millions, for the years ended June 30 FY12 FY11
IFC commitments 491 229
Loans 387 95
Equity 104 134
Guarantees and risk management NA NA
Core Mobilization Commitments* 630 105
Total commitments 1,121 334
Committed portfolio for IFC's account 2,392 2,169
Committed portfolio for Loan Syndications** 545 714
Total portfolio 2,937 2,883

*Including Loan Syndications (B-Loans, Parallel Loans and ALPS), IFC Initiatives, AMC, and Other Mobilization by Decision, as applicable for this Industry.

**Including B-Loans, ALPS and Unfunded Risk Participation (URP).

Development Reach

Oil, Gas & Mining Portfolio New Business
CY10 CY11 FY12
Employment 71,736 102,747 596
Female Employment 7,572 9,285 40
Gas Distribution (millions of customers)* 17.2 22.4 NA
Community Development Outlay ($ million) 100 102 0.95
Domestic Purchase of Goods and Services ($ million) 6,447 5,392 166
Payments to Government ($ million) 5,026 6,199 1,244

*Including all reach in IFC. Gas distribution result is reported under Oil, Gas and Mining in FY12, after the internal re-organization within the Infrastructure and Natural Resources Department. This indicator was reported under Infrastructure in previous years. One client in East Asia and the Pacific contributed 20.4 million of customers in CY11.

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