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Annual Report

Results by Industry

Our leadership role in sustainable private sector development reflects a special advantage—the depth and breadth of expertise we have acquired over more than 50 years of helping emerging-market firms succeed and grow.

We provide our clients the right mix of capabilities to address their needs, delivering the best of what IFC has to offer.

Financial Markets

Sound financial markets are vital to development—they ensure efficient resource allocation, create jobs, and spur economic growth.

IFC’s Financial Markets department accounts for almost half of IFC’s new investments each year. We focus on small and medium enterprises, microfinance, climate change, and agri-finance. The department is also expanding products for women entrepreneurs, capital markets, insurance, private equity, and housing. Given the current external environment, we are striving to find solutions to support and mitigate the effects of the ongoing global financial crisis. IFC is stepping in to fill the gap to help small and medium enterprises increase access to finance as credit becomes increasingly constrained. Importantly, these firms account for more than half of employment worldwide.

To maximize our impact, we work with a network of more than 800 financial intermediaries to extend financial products and best practices to more businesses and microfinance entrepreneurs than we could on our own.

FY12 Development Outcome Scores

Numbers at the left end of each bar are the total number of companies rated.
Series 1Series 2

Project Financing and Portfolio, by Industry

Financial Markets (inc. Trade Finance and Funds)
$ millions, for the years ended June 30 FY12 FY11
IFC commitments 9,859 8,176
Loans 2,276 1,847
Equity 1,240 1,232
Guarantees and risk management 6,343 5,097
Core Mobilization Commitments* 1,617 2,357
Total commitments 11,476 10,533
Committed portfolio for IFC's account 19,793 19,657
Committed portfolio for Loan Syndications** 1,289 2,665
Total portfolio 21,083 22,321

*Including Loan Syndications (B-Loans, Parallel Loans and ALPS), IFC Initiatives, AMC, and Other Mobilization by Decision, as applicable for this Industry.

**Including B-Loans, ALPS and Agented Parallel Loans.

Development Reach

Financial Markets Portfolio New Business
CY10 CY11 FY12
SME loans ($ million)* 127,822 181,253 29,607
SME loans (million of loans)* 1.72 3.29 0.925
Microfinance loans ($ million)* 12,615 19,842 10,626
Microfinance loans (million of loans)* 8.02 19.71 10.48
Housing finance loans ($ million)** 27,477 6,241 NA
Housing finance loans (million of loans)** 2.17 0.15 NA

In many cases, results reflect also contributions from IFC Advisory Services.

*Portfolio reach figures represent SME and microfinance outstanding loan portfolio of IFC clients as of end of CY10 and CY11, for MSME-oriented financial institutions/projects. 222 and 268 clients were required to report their end-of-year SME and microfinance portfolios in CY10 and CY11, respectively. 195 and 252 clients did so for CY10 and CY11, respectively. The missing data were extrapolated.

**Portfolio reach figures represent housing finance outstanding loan portfolio of IFC clients as of end of CY10 and CY11, for housing finance-oriented financial institutions/projects. 30 and 24 clients were required to report their end-of-year housing finance portfolios in CY10 and CY11, respectively. 26 and 24 clients did so for CY10 and CY11, respectively. The missing data were extrapolated. One client in South Asia that contributed to the CY10 housing figures, representing 57.6% of the total volume and 77% of the total number of housing loans in that CY, was no longer a housing finance client in CY11.

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