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Annual Report

Results by Advisory

Our experience shows that companies need more than financial investment to thrive.

To help the private sector in emerging markets, IFC provides advice, problem solving, and training to companies, industries, and governments.

Access to Finance

Access to finance is critical to prosperity and growth. IFC helps increase the availability and affordability of financial services for individuals and for micro, small, and medium enterprises. Our advisory work helps our clients provide broad-based financial services to individuals and firms and build the financial infrastructure necessary for sustainable growth and employment generation.

At the end of FY12, we had an active portfolio of 245 projects—valued at $295.7 million—that promoted access to finance in 71 countries. In FY12, our advisory program expenditures totaled about $63 million, of which 64 percent was in IDA countries, and 16 percent was in fragile and conflict-affected areas.

Project Expenditures by Product

Access to Finance

Access to Finance Business Line

Product Development Results for Projects Active During CY11
Collateral registries/Secured Transactions IFC helped establish the first collateral registries in China and Ghana, facilitating more than $2.6 trillion in financing secured with moveable property, around $600 billion of which went to SMEs.
Credit Bureaus IFC helped establish or improve seven credit bureaus in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, India (two), Lao PDR, Tonga, and Vanuatu.
Securities Markets (ESMID) Eight procedures/policies/practices improved/eliminated in Africa region and Vietnam. The value of securities issuance in the market totaled $632 million of which $346 million were the result of IFC direct transaction support in Nigeria.
SME Banking*
($ million) 25,653
(million of loans) 0.52
($ million) 6,237
(million of loans) 7.039
Housing Finance*
($ million) 1,384
(million of loans) 0.04

*Outstanding loans.

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