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Regional Results

We work with private sector clients in every region of the world, and in industries with the greatest potential to create opportunity and improve lives.

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East Asia and the Pacific

Poverty is declining in East Asia and the Pacific, but one third of the region's population remains poor. IFC's work in the region focuses on supporting sustainable developmentled by the private sector—to ensure that economic growth reaches all segments of society.

Our commitments in East Asia and the Pacific reached a record $3.4 billion in FY13, including $500 million mobilized from other investors. Advisory Services spending in the region climbed to $38.5 million.

IFC's projects have created jobs and opportunity for those who need them most. In 2012, our clients supported 716,000 farmers, helped educate more than 2,000 students, and provided employment opportunities for over 700,000 people in the region.

FY13 Development Outcome Scores

Numbers at the left end of each bar are the total number of companies rated.
Series 1Series 2

Project Financing and Portfolio, by Region

East Asia and the Pacific
$ millions, for the years ending June 30 FY131 FY121
IFC commitments 2,873 2,548
Loans 1,085 1,021
Equity 354 343
Guarantees and risk management 1,435 1,184
Core Mobilization Commitments* 502 376
Total commitments 3,376 2,924
Committed portfolio for IFC's account 7,726 7,216
Committed portfolio for Loan Syndications** 849 788
Total committed portfolio 8,575 8,004

1 Amounts include regional shares of investments that are officially classified as global projects.

* Including Loan Syndications (B-Loans, Parallel Loans, and ALPS), IFC Initiatives, AMC, Other Mobilization by Decision, and Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) Mobilization, as applicable for this Region.

** Including B-Loans and Agented Parallel Loans.

Development Reach

East Asia and the Pacific Portfolio
CY11 CY12
MSME Loans (number of loans) 4,089,379 4,449,260
MSME Loans (amount in $ million) 51,485 77,015
Power Generation (millions of customers)* 19.2 22.3
Water Distribution (millions of customers) 11.5 10.0
Gas Distribution (millions of customers)** 20.4 31.1
Phone Connections (millions of customers) 2.4 4.3
Farmers Reached 1,401,178 716,280
Patients Reached*** 1,928,443 2,699,059
Students Reached 1,675 2,122
Employment 713,448 728,098
Domestic Purchase of Goods and Services ($ million) 16,079.6 12,176
Payments to Government ($ million) 4,076 5,434

* CY11 total Power Generation customers revised due to the restatement of one client value in East Asia and the Pacific.

** One client in East Asia and the Pacific contributed 31.14 million of Gas Distribution customers in CY12.

*** One client in East Asia and the Pacific contributed 1,948,956 to Patients Reached in CY12.

Largest Country Exposures1 in FY13: East Asia & the Pacific

Committed Portfolio ($ millions)
Rank within Region Country FY13 FY12
1 China 3,002 2,429
2 Indonesia 916 919
3 Philippines 749 1,055

Based on IFC's account, as of June 30,2013

1Excludes individual country shares of regional and global projects

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