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Industry Results

Our leadership role in sustainable private sector development reflects a special advantage—the depth and breadth of expertise we have acquired over more than 50 years of helping emerging-market firms succeed and grow.

We provide our clients the right mix of capabilities to address their needs, delivering the best of what IFC has to offer.


Modern infrastructure spurs economic growth, improves living standards, and can represent an opportunity to address emerging development challenges, including rapid urbanization and climate change.

It is also an area in which the private sector can make a significant contribution, providing essential services to large numbers of people, efficiently, affordably, and profitably. This is IFC’s focus: supporting private infrastructure projects whose innovative, high-impact business models can be widely replicated. 

We help increase access to power, transport, and water by financing infrastructure projects and advising client governments on public-private partnerships. We mitigate risk and leverage specialized financial structuring and other capabilities. In FY13, our new commitments in this sector totaled $2.2 billion, or about 12 percent of commitments for IFC’s own account.

FY13 Development Outcome Scores

Numbers at the left end of each bar are the total number of companies rated.
Series 1Series 2

Project Financing and Portfolio, by Industry

$ millions, for the years ended June 30 FY13 FY12
IFC commitments 2,247 1,447
Loans 1,845 1,058
Equity 330 339
Guarantees and risk management 72 50
Core Mobilization Commitments* 1,333 1,294
Total commitments 3,580 2,741
Committed portfolio for IFC's account 9,358 8,608
Committed portfolio for Loan Syndications** 7,801 6,061
Total portfolio 17,159 14,669

* Including Loan Syndications (B-Loans, Parallel Loans, and ALPS), IFC Initiatives, AMC, and Other Mobilization by Decision, as applicable for this Industry.

** Including B-Loans, Agented Parallel Loans, and ALPS.

Development Reach

Infrastructure Portfolio
CY11 CY12
Employment 448,537 448,094
Female Employment 141,265 146,361
Power Generation (millions of customers) 41.9 52.2
Power Distribution (millions of customers) 49.2 45.7
Water Distribution (millions of customers) 34.3 42.1
Airport Passengers (million)* 9.9 18.0
Airline Passengers (million)* 13.6 10.2
Transportation: Shipping, Freight & Cargo (M TEU Containers) 9.9 12.6
Payments to Government ($ million) 4,916 8,703

*In FY13, IFC adjusted its methodology to better estimate the numbers of airport passengers and airline passengers reached.

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