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Advisory Results

Our experience shows that companies need more than financial investment to thrive.

To help the private sector in emerging markets, IFC provides advice, problem solving, and training to companies, industries, and governments.

Sustainable Business

IFC works with clients to promote sound environmental, social, governance, and industry standards; catalyze investment in clean energy and resource efficiency; and support sustainable supply chains and community investment. We work in several sectors including agribusiness and forestry; manufacturing and services; infrastructure; oil, gas, and mining; and financial markets. 

At the end of FY13, we had an active portfolio of 157 sustainable-business projects in 58 countries, valued at $279.7 million. In FY13, our advisory program expenditures related to this area totaled $55 million.

Project Expenditures by Product

Sustainable Business

Sustainable Business: Selected 2012 Highlights

We helped 3 million people receive off-grid lighting; enabled 1.3 million people to gain access to village phones; and provided training to almost 350,000 people (76 percent in IDA countries), including to farmers, entrepreneurs, and managers of small and medium enterprises.
We assisted firms to improve their corporate governance practices, which contributed to additional financing of $200 million, of which $150 million was from IFC.
We enabled firms to avoid greenhouse-gas emissions estimated at almost 1.4 million metric tons annually (calculation based on methodologies in place before adoption of a standardized methodology in 2012).
We assisted clients to sustainably manage almost 300,000 hectares of land.
We helped clients increase their sales revenues by $156 million.

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