Creating Opportunity Where It's Needed Most
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About IFC

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Our Goals and Values

As a member of the World Bank Group, IFC has two overarching goals:

  • End extreme poverty by 2030
  • Boost shared prosperity—in every developing country

Our commitment to alleviating poverty and creating opportunity is reflected in our values:



In everything we do, we seek to achieve the things that few others are able or inclined to. This is our brand value proposition:


Innovation: For more than half a century, IFC has innovated to strengthen private sector development wherever it’s needed most.


Influence: As the world’s largest global development institution focused on the private sector, IFC plays a significant role in influencing the course of private sector development.


Demonstration: We have a long history of setting a good example—of demonstrating the rewards of investing in challenging markets.


Impact: We go wherever we are needed most, and deploy our resources wherever they will achieve the greatest impact.

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