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Vice President, IFC Global Client Services


Jean Philippe Prosper leads IFC’s global investment operations and advisory services. He also oversees IFC’s activities in fragile and conflict-affected situations, a key priority for the World Bank Group.


Mr. Prosper was previously Vice President for Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America and the Caribbean, where he led IFC’s investments and advisory services that delivered an investment program of $10 billion in the 2014 fiscal year. These regions had a combined portfolio of more than $20 billion and generated $670 million in cash income in FY14.


A Haitian national, Mr. Prosper became Vice President in February 2013. He was previously IFC Director for Latin America and the Caribbean. Under his leadership, in FY13 the region delivered a record-breaking investment program of about $6.5 billion, including funds mobilized from other investors. From July 2008 to August 2012, Mr. Prosper was the Director for Eastern and Southern Africa and a co-director of the Sub-Saharan Africa department. During Mr. Prosper’s tenure in Africa, IFC’s investments grew from $140 million in fiscal year 2003 to $4 billion in fiscal year 2012.


Mr. Prosper joined IFC in 2000 as a Chief Investment Officer for Financial Markets, covering West and Central Africa. A year later, he became Manager, Financial Markets for Sub-Saharan Africa, relocating to Johannesburg in 2003. Shortly thereafter, he relocated to Nairobi as Manager for East Africa.


Mr. Prosper spent a decade prior to joining IFC with Inter-American Investment Corporation, eventually holding responsibility for all operations in Mexico, the Andean countries, Central America, Belize, and Panama. He worked from 1986-90 at SOFIHDES, a private development finance company in Haiti, where he reached the level of Managing Director. During this period, Mr. Prosper was also a professor of mathematics, statistics, and managerial and corporate finance at the State University of Haiti. In the early 1980s, Mr. Prosper worked as Advisor to the Minister of State of Haiti on Financial, Economic, and Industrial Affairs. He was in charge of negotiations with multilateral organizations, including the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and the Inter-American Development Bank.


Mr. Prosper is the recipient of the two most prestigious awards of the World Bank Group: the Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Award in 2010; and the Good Manager Award in 2011. He holds an M.B.A. He is also a civil engineer, with a degree in Mathematics.


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