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Advisory Services

Advisory Services 

How M&E Contributes to Strategic Decision-Making

March 1, 2012 -- Making strategic decisions based on results achieved is important for enhancing IFC's development effectiveness. It helps provide a framework for strategic planning and management based on learning and accountability, especially in a decentralized environment. It is also a mechanism to better tell IFC's story showing programs results and how these are providing “value for money” as IFC spends resources where they can achieve most "development bang for the buck."

Over the past three years, the Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) unit has supported management in strategic decision making by leading the preparation of the "Development Results LAC Report."

“The report approaches the analysis from the "managing for results" point of view, assessing the strategies and feeding this experience into the discussion of future ones. This is a great way to show how the M&E function can provide value added to the management of a regional portfolio,” said Claudio Volonte, Head of the Advisory Services Unit of the Development Impact Department.

Aligned to IFC’s and the regional strategic priorities of inclusion,climate change, competitiveness, innovation, and regional integration, the report demonstrate the areas where the region has achieved the most development impact.

“We are very excited about this report; knowing our aggregated results and the contribution each business line makes to the climate change strategic priority, for instance, is new and provides rich information,” said Mary Porter Peschka, Regional Head for Advisory Services in Latin America and the Caribbean. “This approach focuses on enhancing management accountability by defining realistic expected results, monitoring the progress, and integrating lessons learned into decisions," added.

This is an example of working as One IFC to leverage our global expertise and consistently deliver unique value to clients and partners. This report may be useful for other regions trying to incorporate M&E as a partner in results based management. The next challenge will be to incorporate investment results into the report.

“The report helps pave the future of LAC's operations, so we can have a smoother ride towards the achievement of our objectives. I invite everyone to read it and even carry it along on one of our many plane rides” Peschka added.

For more information contact Oscar Antezana, LAC Monitoring and Evaluation and Clara Ugarte Perrin, LAC Communications.

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