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Advisory Services

Advisory Services 
The new listing allows to easily scan inclusive business examples around the world and across sectors.
Fragile and conflict affected states are among the poorest places in the world, where businesses are often crippled by cumbersome regulations, weak infrastructure and services, limited training opportunities, and a lack of access to finance.
The official launch of the "entreprenant" status took place in Cotonou on May 5, 2015. The event was attended by over 600 participants, including business leaders, and , government and donor officials.
While Ebola was crippling the worst hit economies of West Africa, IFC has been committing and disbursing more than $75 million in new investments to companies and financial institutions since last October.
Agriculture in Kenya accounts for 29.5% of the GDP and employs close to 75% of the population, yet only 5% of bank lending goes to Agribusiness. The Warehouse Receipt Systems seeks to offer a solution and improve access to finance for farmers.

IFC Advisory Services


Private sector development requires more than just finance. Experience shows the powerful role advisory services can play in unlocking investment and helping businesses expand and create jobs. To help the private sector in emerging markets, IFC provides advice, problem solving, and training to companies, industries, and governments. 

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