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Venture Capital

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We leverage IFC's global expertise across a range of sectors, including: 



Development Impact

Venture capital has the power to spur entrepreneurship, create jobs, innovation, technology advancement, and mobilize the financial resources critical to the viability of early-stage companies in emerging markets. IFC's venture team looks for nascent and/or small and medium sized enterprises with disruptive new technologies or business models with the potential to have outsized impacts in developing markets and allow end users to leapfrog legacy technologies or infrastructure. Mobility services and distributed grid offerings are examples where this is already happening effectively.

In addition to financial returns, IFC strives for a "triple bottom line" when prioritizing and evaluating investments: economic development, climate and environmental impact, and nurturing sustainable business models. IFC offers its investment and advisory services to emerging market based businesses as well as tech transfer opportunities from businesses in developed countries. 

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