Venture Capital



IFC invests in ventures and early-growth companies that offer innovative technologies or business models geared at emerging markets. Our sectors of focus are healthcare, edu-tech, consumer Internet—including ecommerce—and clean technology. By executing transactions at an earlier stage than IFC’s more traditional business, we enhance the organization's strong commitment to innovation, supporting local businesses, and accelerating cross-border technology transfers.

With one of the largest footprints in emerging markets, we offer local knowledge, connections to other clients and portfolios, as well as an understanding of regulations and local domains.


An entrepreneur seeking to grow a venture can approach IFC directly. Investment proposals can be submitted to



Development Reach

Venture capital has the power to spur entrepreneurship, create jobs, and innovation.

In addition to financial returns, we strive for a "triple bottom line" when prioritizing and evaluating investments: economic development, climate and environmental impact, and nurturing sustainable business models.

IFC offers investment and advisory services to emerging markets-based businesses as well as technology transfer opportunities from businesses in developed countries.