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Syndicated Loans & Management

B Loans

IFC’s B Loan portfolio is managed through the Syndicated Loan Management group ("CSLLM"). This group provides consistent service to B Loan participants, and ensures that IFC's contractual obligations under the Loan Agreement and Participation Agreement are fulfilled. In addition, CSLLM keeps participants abreast of important project developments and takes into account their views in on-going loan management.

Key services include: 


The Syndicated Loan Management group collaboratively works with IFC's syndication, investment, legal and financial operations departments as well as industry, environmental, social, and insurance specialists to ensure that Participants are kept well informed about each B Loan transaction's performance. 


Syndicated Loan Management Portfolio - As of June 30, 2014, the CSLLM portfolio consisted of 167 projects totaling US$15.3 billion committed. 


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