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Syndicated Loan Management

Overview of Syndicated Loan Portfolio


  • IFC’s $15.3 billion syndicated loan portfolio (comprised of 167 loans as of 06/30/2014) is managed through Syndicated Loan Management "CSLLM" (formerly known as "CMOBL" or "BLM").
  • CSLLM was originally established in 1998 to provide consistent service to our B loan participants and to ensure that IFC's contractual obligations under the Loan Agreements and Participation Agreements were fulfilled.
  • As of June 30, 2014, the percent allocation by Region of IFC's Syndicated Loan Portfolio is as follows:


Expansion of Products Under Management 

(FY09 to FY14)


  • CSLLM has evolved over the years in response to clients' needs, market dynamics, and the recent financial crisis.
  • CSLLM now supports a broader syndicated loan product range which builds on our already existing platform and expertise.
  • The syndicated loan portfolio now includes not only B Loans and ALPs, but also Agented Parallel Loans and GTLP funder/partner participations.


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