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Launched at the IMF/World Bank Group Annual Meetings in Tokyo on October 13, 2012, WINvest is the World Bank Group's global partnership initiative with the private sector on women's employment. This two year initiative brings together IFC clients and private sector partners with a vested interest in substantiating the business case for improving working conditions and employment opportunities for women, investigating where and when investments in improved working conditions for women can result in higher firm productivity.


WINvest's Aims


  • Raise the profile of companies operating in emerging markets that are promoting greater inclusion of women in their workforce.
  • Identify and provide guidance on successful approaches that can be replicated in other companies.
  • Capture and communicate the business rationale for where and when improving working conditions for women can result in higher business performance.




Anglo-American, Mining, Global; Belcorp, Cosmetics, Peru; Chindex, Health, China; Hitachi, Electronics, Japan; Istanbul Deniz Otobuesleri (IDO), Transport, Turkey; Kuwait Energy, Oil & Gas, Kuwait; Mriya, Agribusiness, Ukraine; Nalt Enterprises, Garments, Vietnam; Newmont, Mining, Global; Odebrecht, Construction, Brazil/Africa; PepsiCo, Food & Beverage, Asia-Pacific; Rio Tinto, Mining, Global; Safaricom, Telecom, Kenya; Sumitomo Chemical, Chemicals, Japan; Zulekha Hospitals, Health, UAE, XacBank, Finance, Mongolia .


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