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Investment Climate


Better Work Vietnam program | Photo credit - Lyno Vuth


For governments, supporting the creation and growth of enterprise means getting policies and regulations right. Both women and men business owners must be able to flourish in order to create jobs.


Gender-based barriers in the business and regulatory environment can make it more difficult for women-owned businesses to reach their full potential.


A New Methodology To Promote Women’s Business


IFC and World Bank investment climate specialists work with governments and private sector stakeholders to ensure that all entrepreneurs—both women and men—can more easily register their businesses, pay taxes, resolve disputes, and trade across borders.


We also address specific topics such as how to build women's business networks or how to ensure that women can take advantage of special economic zones.


In fact, addressing gender barriers is now an integral part of IFC’s investment climate work. Our methodology to identify and resolve gender-specific issues is being implemented in reform programs in over a dozen countries, with tangible results.


Practical Tools and Data for Reform Efforts


IFC provides actionable and scalable tools to promote regulatory reform, such as our step-by-step guide called Gender Dimensions of Investment Climate Reform. The guide provides a methodology for ensuring that key reforms respond to the needs of women entrepreneurs.


To facilitate policy discussion, IFC and the World Bank also publish an extensive database comparing how men and women are treated from a legal perspective when it comes to entrepreneurship and employment in many countries.

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