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Creating Business Value



Gender is a cross-cutting issue that affects corporate performance and development outcomes in profound ways. IFC provides expertise in this area, combining gender analysis with practical business and policy advice.


We help firms look at their business from a gender perspective to uncover hidden value and risks. We partner with local organizations to help respond to the training requirements of women entrepreneurs. We also work to promote international business standards and best practices that advance the interests of both women and men.

Positive Business Outcomes


  • The improvement of labor conditions and safety for working women can lead to greater factory productivity.
  • The inclusion of more women employees in traditionally male-oriented companies, such as mining and construction, can lead to improved business performance. It can also have important social benefits in communities that are dependent on single companies for nearly all employment.
  • The inclusion of local SMEs owned by both women and men in an international supply chain can create positive business relationships with important spin-off effects in the local economy.
  • The inclusion of women in community impact studies could uncover risks that men may not typically think of and could identify new avenues for mutual benefit between company and community.



Women & Business: Drivers of Development


The Telling Our Story series puts a human face on IFC's work, featuring short profiles of leading projects and the people whose lives they improve. This issue focuses on how IFC is working with strategic partners to identify innovative approaches to promote women in business and helping create opportunities to transform local and global markets.   


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