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IFC Sustainability

Phase II Outcomes

Phase II Consultations: June 2 - August 27, 2010*


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Progress Report Sustainability Framework Review & Update - April 14, 2010 [PDF, 1.2mb]
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Taking into account feedback received during Phase I, IFC submitted Version 1 (Rev 0.1) of the Sustainability Framework to the World Bank Group Board's Committee on Development Effectiveness (CODE). Once CODE approved documents for public consultation, IFC began seeking detailed feedback on the proposed changes.

IFC met with over 750 stakeholders and held over 60 consultation meetings. Phase II included four layers of consultations:

  • Open house consultations: 1-day workshops held in Washington, DC, Manila, Moscow, Brussels, and Sao Paolo. Open to all stakeholders.
  • Multistakeholder consultations: 1-day workshops held in Bogota, Dakar, Accra, Istanbul, and New Delhi. By invite only.
  • Thematic consultations: 1-day workshops held in Washington, DC on financial intermediaries, biodiversity, indigenous peoples, human rights. Human rights consultation held simultaneously in DC and London. Open to all stakeholders.
  • Community consultations: To hear from a sample of communities affected by IFC projects, IFC commissioned a series of community consultations in Guatemala, Nicaragua, China, Indonesia, Turkey, India, Peru, Senegal, and Uganda.

Community consultations included discussions with some 500 people in nine countries. The information gathering focused on how project-related consultations have been conducted; what peoples' perceptions about the project's benefits and potential risks are; and how their concerns have been addressed.

* Phase II consultations were originally to close at the end of July; however, based on stakeholder feedback, IFC extended the consultation period thru the end of August.



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