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Sustainability at IFC

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Learning and Adapting

Learning and Adapting


IFC's success as a development institution reflects more than half a century of experience in private sector development in emerging markets.


That experience has given us a large body of knowledge—particularly with environmental, social, and governance issues—that we share with our clients and others. We expand our knowledge base with each new project we undertake.


We learn from our experience. We are continually improving our procedures, good-practice guidance, and training materials based on our engagement with partners, our analytical work, and our project implementation experience.


Dialogue with Stakeholders


IFC systematically seeks feedback from stakeholders. This is critical to our ability to deliver results.


Through regular consultations with civil society organizations, the private sector, and others, we form a continuous feedback loop with our stakeholders about key sustainability issues. We receive valuable feedback regarding our work. Over time, this increased—and ongoing—dialogue will result in better project outcomes, increased awareness on the part of affected communities, and stronger relationships with stakeholders.


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