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Sustainability at IFC

Sustainability at IFC 
This Note contributes to IFC's commitment to supporting clients in a responsible, forward-looking approach to traditional livestock production and aquaculture and to help producers access and maintain entry to high quality and value market segments.
IFC has contributed to the development of the Biodiversity Management Plan (BMP) Guidance, led by the Cement Sustainability Initiative. The BMP Guidance provides advice for companies on implementing biodiversity management of quarries.
Beginning in South Africa in October, IFC will conduct a limited series of workshops around the globe to build capacity and address implementation challenges related IFC’s Performance Standards on Environmental and Social Sustainability.
This short video discusses the value of sustainability for business success, based on testimonials from thought leaders and partners who work with IFC.
Currently, barriers of law and custom stop many women from getting financing for business. Removing those barriers can help overcome the gender gap and unleash economic growth. Learn more about IFC's work to support women in business.

Sustainability at IFC


In a time of climate change, resource scarcities, and rising social pressures, businesses face a growing need for a stronger approach to environmental, social, and governance issues.


IFC believes that doing business sustainably drives positive development outcomes. Through our Sustainability Framework, our Corporate Governance Framework, and our advice to clients, we help to find opportunities for growth and innovation. We help them adopt sound environmental, social, and corporate-governance practices and manage risks. In doing so, we broaden our development impact and encourage transparency and accountability.


This work is an integral part of IFC’s approach to risk management, and it underscores our strategic commitment to sustainable development. Our standards enable us to manage risk across a broad range of industry sectors.  They help our clients anticipate emerging challenges to sustainability. And they provide a global platform for IFC to share knowledge and build partnerships for sustainability.


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