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IFC Treasury

IFC Treasury 
Leaders around the world are supporting carbon pricing, agreeing that climate change is a risk that can’t be ignored. The Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition, created by the World Bank Group in 2014, is leading the dialogue.
Less than 5% of CEOs of the world’s largest corporations are women. What’s a game changer for women in business and management? Bahar Alsharif, IFC Deputy Treasurer, blogs on achieving gender diversity at the top.
China has committed to reducing energy intensity by 16%. Liquefied natural gas is a cheaper and cleaner fuel than diesel, and IFC is supporting China in pioneering a natural gas-powered transport fuel to replace diesel . . .
Are China’s capital markets the solution for green growth? On May 18, IFC and China Clean Development Mechanism Fund will host the international conference, “Capital Market & Funding Mechanisms for a Low Carbon Economy in China” in Shanghai.
With its latest Masala bond issuance worth 16 billion Indian rupees, IFC’s overall issuance in the offshore rupee markets has reached 99 billion Indian rupees.
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