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Evaluation of IFC's impact in the DSCL (India) sugar project

IFC Results Measurement System


We are refining our results measurement system to help us better understand our development impact, which we define in terms of job creation and economic growth.  Our current system has three mutually reinforcing components namely the IFC Development Goals (IDGs) (which are forward-looking goals); a monitoring and tracking system to measure development results; and a system to evaluate the outcomes and impact of our activities.  


IFC’s monitoring and tracking system was initially designed to meet reporting and accountability purposes; it has since been evolving to also add value to our clients by helping them understand their broader impact, in ways that can add value to their business.

As we work to rationalize our development impact measures, we will continue to use DOTS, as well as the IDGs, which have been useful to support implementation of strategy in many parts of our business.


Learning from results; value for our clients


"IFC's vision is that people should have the opportunity to escape poverty and improve their lives”.


Our results-measurement system helps drive IFC strategy, operational decision making, and staff incentives, with a growing emphasis on articulating and measuring the poverty-reduction effects of our work.


This deliberate and systematic approach allows us to track progress of our projects throughout their life cycle and incorporate lessons learned into our operations so we can improve future goal setting and project design. It is integral to IFC’s efforts to become more results-focused, and to increase transparency and accountability to stakeholders.






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