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IFC Development Results and Impact


Interview with Roland Michelitsch, Manager and Chief Evaluation Officer.

DOTS for Investment

For investment projects, the overall development outcome rating is a synthesis of four performance categories that are informed by the indicators agreed with the client—financial performance, economic performance, environmental and social performance and private sector development impact.


Development Outcome: Investments


Performance Category General Indicators and Benchmarks Examples of Specific Indicators Assessed Against Targets
Financial Performance Returns to financiers, e.g., financial returns at or above weighted-average cost of capital Return on invested capital, return on equity, project implemented on time and on budget
Economic Performance Returns to society, e.g., economic returns at or above 10 percent Economic return on invested capital, number of connections to basic services, loans to small enterprises, people employed, tax payments
Environmental and Social Performance Project meets IFC’s Performance Standards Improvements in Environmental and social management systems, effluent or emission levels, community development programs
Private Sector Development Impact Project contributes to improvement for the private sector beyond the project company Demonstration effects (other firms replicating a new approach, product, or service), linkages to other private companies, improvements in legal/regulatory framework.


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