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IFC Development Results and Impact

DOTS for Advisory

DOTS (Development Outcomes Tracking System) for advisory services integrates monitoring into every stage of the project lifecycle, from concept-development to completion. The system facilitates data-aggregation and reporting on key output, outcome and impact indicatorsand efficiency of the services.  For Advisory Services, DOTS covers all projects that are active, completed, or on hold, dating back to FY06.


For Advisory Services, the overall DOTS score or development-effectiveness rating is a synthesis of the overall strategic relevance, effectiveness (as measured by project outputs, outcomes, and impacts), and efficiency of the services. At project completion, intended results are compared with achieved results. Some results—medium-term outcomes and longer-term impacts—may be unknown at project completion but can be examined post-completion


Development Outcome: Advisory Services


Performance Category General Indicators and Benchmarks Examples of Specific Indicators Assessed Against Targets
Strategic Relevance Potential impact on local, regional, national economy Client contributions, alignment with country strategy
Efficiency Returns on investment in advisory operations Cost-benefit ratios, project implemented on time and budget
Outputs, Outcomes, and Impacts Project contributes to improvement for clients, beneficiaries, and the broader private sector Improvements in operations, investments enabled, jobs created, increase in revenues for beneficiaries, cost savings from policy reforms


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