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IFC Development Results and Impact

IFC Development Results and Impact 

Let's Work Global Partnership

Please visit the official Let's Work global partnership website

Following the successful launch of the Jobs Study in January 2013, IFC is coordinating a global coalition of private sector, international finance institutions and donors called Let’s Work to help create more and better jobs. The objective of the Let’s Work partnership is to implement the findings of the Jobs Study and address the needs of various companies, sectors and countries on this pressing issue. Working with key partners, Let’s Work will help develop knowledge and practical approaches to the jobs agenda that would serve as a public good for the development community.


Why Jobs Matter

Jobs are at the heart of the development community’s goal of ending poverty. Research confirms that job related events – finding or losing a job or changes in income from a job – are the most important reasons for escaping or falling into poverty, particularly in developing countries. Creating good jobs is therefore an integral part of ending poverty.

Why Private Sector Matters for Jobs

The private sector provides 9 out of 10 jobs in developing countries. It also complements (and depends on) the important role public sector plays in providing social safety nets for the poorest and creating an enabling business environment. A robust private sector is therefore a crucial part of any long-term and sustainable solutions to job creation.

Support for Let's Work

IFC is coordinating participation and support from various private sector companies and development partners.


Please visit the official Let's Work global partnership website for more information.


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