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IFC Development Results and Impact

IFC Development Results and Impact 
In FY 13,  IFC provided a record of nearly $25 billion in financing for private sector development, $6.5 billion of which was mobilized from investment partners.
In FY13 IFC invested about $580 million in fragile and conflict affected areas. Our advisory expenditures in these areas totaled about $40 million.
Some 120,000 women in rural parts of northern India now have access to small loans and increased credit, thanks to a partnership between IFC and Utkarsh Micro Finance.
Job creation is central to ending poverty and boosting shared prosperity. Jobs, which are mainly created by the private sector, are a critical pathway out of poverty. In FY13, IFC clients provided 2.7million jobs and many more on their value chains.
IFC partners with local microfinance companies in Liberia to give loans spurring growth of local entrepreneurs.


Results Measurement and Evidence Stream


SME Ventures: The business and social case for investing in frontier markets


Evaluation of IFC's impact in the DSCL (India) sugar project


IFC Development Results


IFC’s development impact is the long-term sustained effect of our interventions on people’s lives.


Measuring the results of IFC’s work –by effectively tracking progress and assessing its impact – is critical to understanding how well IFC’s strategy is working and whether IFC is reaching and making a difference for the people and markets that most need IFC’s help.


The WBG adopted a unified strategy for achieving its goals of ending poverty and boosting shared prosperity and IFCs strongest contribution to these goals comes from promoting private enterprise with the objectives of creating and providing quality jobs and facilitating greater and more inclusive economic growth, taking into account the need to ensure sustainable development.






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