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Philip Armstrong is the Head of the Global Corporate Governance Forum. Philip is an internationally acknowledged expert on corporate governance and was the principal convener and main editor of the 2002 King Report on Corporate Governance for South Africa and headed the team which produced the Commonwealth Guidelines. A Corporate Secretary by profession, he has extensive private sector experience at a senior level. Presentations and articles
Tel: +1 202-458-9114


Ghita Alderman is a Projects Coordinator at the Forum. Her primary focus at the Forum is to coordinate the implementation of reform efforts in Africa in cooperation with other international institutions and regional key players. Ghita also organizes the Corporate Governance Leadership Program, which the Forum offers to a selected region on a yearly basis. Prior to joining the Forum, Ms. Alderman was practicing international business law in Washington DC., focusing on privatization of state-owned businesses.
Tel: +1 202-458-2905



  Marjorie Pavia is Program Officer at the Forum. Marjorie is charge of internal management for the whole team including budgeting and reporting. She also focuses on Forum's donor relationship and trust fund management. Before Marjorie joined the Forum, she has been working with IFC for eighteen years with various positions focusing on donor relations and business development.
Tel: +1 202-473-5344



Ralitza Germanova is a Projects Coordinator at the Forum. Ralitza is coordinating Forum's activities in Southeast Europe, Central Asia and Middle East and North Africa as well as monitoring and developing work on Corporate Governance Codes. From 2008 to 2010, Ralitza was working for the Forum as a consultant out of Sofia IFC office. She was involved in coordinating and delivering various projects and capacity building workshops in Europe and Central Asia, and MENA. Prior to joining the Forum, Ralitza worked for the United Nations Development Program in Bulgaria as a Coordinator of the UN Global Compact Network. Ralitza holds a Masters degree in Corporate Governance from HANKEN School of Economics in Helsinki, Finland.
Tel: +1 202-458-2675



Alexey Volynets, Knowledge Management coordinator, is responsible for Forum's publications and web products. Alexey has a degree in Media Management and New Media. He started his career as a reporter in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. After joining the World Bank Group in 2001, he worked on a variety of projects in areas such as Web Development, Information and Communication Technologies for Development, Knowledge Economy and Knowledge Management.
Tel: +1 202-458-8097



Cynthia Concordia is a Program Assistant at the Forum. Her main responsibility is to assist the team for the smooth implementation of the unit's events/workshops related to trust-funded projects. Before her assignment with the Forum, she worked with IFC Development Effectiveness Unit (Financial and Private Sector Development Vice-Presidency) and was responsible for organizing trainings related to Development Impact and Development Outcome Tracking System (DOTS). Prior to joining the DE Unit, she worked with the Economics and Infrastructure Departments. Cynthia has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and in Commerce major in Business Administration from De La Salle University, Philippines.
Tel: +1 202-458-0257 


Sarah Manapol-Brown is a Program Assistant at the Forum. She oversees the overall administrative support to the unit, including procurement. Prior to joining the Forum, Sarah worked at various units within the World Bank Group and at CGAP (The Consultative Group to Assist the Poor ). While at CGAP she worked on the administration of CGAP's trust funds, donor and grant agreements and consultant contracts. Prior to joining the World Bank, Sarah worked for Aon Risk Services/HTB Insurance Agency.
Tel: +1 202-2473-1812 


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