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Global Corporate Governance Forum

Global Corporate Governance Forum 
The 14th issue features articles on income diversion in Russia, CEO accountability in China, governance disclosures in Egypt, ownership dynamics in Chile and the influence of governance in Turkey.
This paper argues that the social factors that have driven increased voluntary environmental, social, and governance (ESG) disclosure over the past three decades are sufficiently compelling to lead to mandated disclosure worldwide.
Certification programs trigger debates among corporate governance experts: some are strongly against it, saying nothing can replace real boardroom experience, while others see it as a valid method for improving the knowledge and skills of directors.
The 13th issue presents articles on impact of corporate governance on bank capitalization strategies around the world, compensation disclosure in Brazil, impacts of corporate governance on the performance of Singaporean companies and more.
Dr. Renee Adams, a professor of finance at the University of New South Wales’ Australian School of Business, discusses corporate governance, company performance and the intersection of gender.

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Global Corporate Governance Forum


Global Corporate Governance Forum logoThe Global Corporate Governance Forum supports regional and local initiatives to improve corporate governance in middle- and low-income countries in the context of broader national or regional economic reform programs.


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