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IFC Footprint Commitment



Since 2003, IFC, as part of the World Bank Group, has worked with the World Bank Community Connections Fund (WBCCF) to facilitate charitable giving by IFC staff.  Among other things, WBCCF oversees the allocation of charitable donations raised via the Bank’s annual workplace giving program, known as the Community Connections Campaign.  Staff make campaign donations via payroll deductions or cash and also organize special fund-raising events.


The 2011 Community Connections Campaign ended with the best record ever in terms of staff participation on EGive, the Bank Group's online pledging system. 


  • IFC staff contributed $359,629 in this year’s campaign, and 66% of IFC staff participated in the fund-raising (compared to 2010’s contributions of $332,218 with 60% IFC staff participation). 
  • Overall for the World Bank Group, staff participation was 61% (up from last year’s overall participation rate of 52%) with contributions totaling $1.8 million (up from $1.6 million for last year's Campaign). 
  • The high level of staff participation met the minimum target set for Bank Group Management 's corporate match challenge, and the Bank Group consequently matched all staff contributions on EGive by 100% (for all organizations that have been on the Campaign list for at least one year) -- meaning in the end, the Campaign will contribute a total of $3.6 million to nonprofit organizations on the Campaign list this year. 


In addition, as part of the World Bank Group's overall commitment to strengthening communities,  IFC headquarters hosts several in-kind donation drives every year including a clothing drive that benefits Goodwill DC and a bi-monthly office supply drive that benefits local charitable organizations.  IFC also partners with other World Bank Group offices on a holiday gift drive for organizations that work with underprivileged DC metropolitan area children and a bike drive benefiting the organization Bikes for the World.


IFC  offices all over the world also organize donation drives for local organizations and schools.  Some examples include:

Argentina (Buenos Aires) Toys to local NGO, Fundación Garrahan, for children in local hospital
Bolivia (La Paz) Annual Christmas raffle to raise funds for the needy
Brazil (Sao Paulo) Paper and dental supplies to the community through NGOs
China (Chengdu) Computers to a government agency
China (Hong Kong) General household goods to local charities from IFC staff leaving Hong Kong to return home. Also on-going blood donations for Red Cross
Columbia (Bogota) Food to elderly homes
Egypt (Cairo) Furniture from office move donated locally
Kenya (Nairobi) Food, clothes and various items for two Children's Home (Orphanages)
Peru (Lima) On-going recycling program — Fundades — which contributes to local social programs
Senegal (Dakar) Computers to a high school
Turkey (Istanbul) Medical equipment, toys and clothes to a center for mentally disabled children as well as a day-care center
Ukraine (Kyiv) Computer equipment to an orphanage and a children's cultural center
Vietnam (Hanoi) Computers to local NGOs and charity organizations
Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City) Desktops and laptops donated to a local business association charity
Washington, DC On-going and annual donation drives, including unused toiletries from airline packs and clothing for homeless population; office supplies for local schools and NGOs; toys for at-risk children


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