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Corporate Governance

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CG Services for IFC Clients

IFC provides a series of services to help clients improve their corporate governance. These services are delivered through individual investment operations or advisory services or a combination of both. These services aim to improve efficiency at mostly firm-level operations, improve risk management, and help firms attract financing on better terms.




Supporting firm-level change: IFC mainstreams corporate governance analysis into its investment process to help clients identify corporate governance risks and opportunities.

Delivering specialized advisory services: IFC provides advise in key areas of Board Effectiveness, Family Business Governance and Control Environment to help companies improve their corporate governance practices. Download brochure

Promoting board-level change: By nominating directors to the boards of selected investment clients, IFC works to improve client practices and create shareholder value.

Developing and promoting methodology: IFC’s corporate-governance methodology served as the basis for the Corporate Governance Development Framework, adopted in 2011 by 29 development finance institutions and aimed to raise the bar for corporate governance globally.


Developing cutting-edge knowledge tools and research: IFC produces toolkits on board leadership and alternative dispute resolution, as well as publications on corporate governance, including short publications summarizing corporate-governance experiences and lessons learned. 


Building local corporate governance capacity: IFC delivers board-leadership training resources that are adopted by director training organizations and have been used to instruct hundreds of corporate-governance master trainers around the globe.


Promoting codes and regulations: IFC contributes to the development of corporate governance codes and scorecards in many countries. These are essential tools for enhancing corporate-governance practices at the national level. They help raise standards, drive reform efforts, and encourage private sector commitment to good corporate governance. Download toolkit


Strengthening partner organizations: IFC works with regulators, institutes of directors, corporate governance associations, the media, and educational institutions around the world.


Resolving Corporate Governance Disputes: IFC promotes the use of alternative dispute resolution process to help companies manage and resolve corporate governance disputes more effectively. Download toolkit




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