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Climate Business

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Climate change is central to the fragile nexus between energy, water and food security, and will significantly impact economic development going forward by linking variety of sectors. 



Clean Energy


IFC's work in clean energy includes investments in renewable energy generation and supply chains, clean energy advisory services, and work with financial markets on sustainable energy finance. 

Green Buildings


Green building is the practice of increasing the efficiency with which buildings use resources such as energy, water, and materials while also reducing the building’s impact on human health and the environment.  While environmental pressures are compelling reasons to build responsibly, green buildings create additional rewards that are a win-win for all. 

Industrial Efficiency 


IFC helps clients take full advantage of industrial efficiency techniques by offering advice to optimize facility and process design, identify retrofit opportunities, and explore alternative energy and other resource efficiencies (e.g. water). 

Waste and Recycling


IFC investments in the waste sector encourage low cost, technically viable, and climate favorable waste collection and disposal solutions with energy recovery where feasible. 

Agribusiness and Forestry


Agribusiness is a strategic priority for IFC because of the sector’s broad development impact and strong role in poverty reduction.


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