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By 2013, through our clients, we hope to provide access to water for 100 million people, to save or treat 20 billion cubic meters of water per year, and to invest $1 billion per year in water security projects.

Water and Wastewater


IFC provides advisory and investment assistance to help clients identify and adapt to water-related risks exacerbated by climate change, making projects more resilient to existing and potential adverse impacts. 


Project examples:


  • An IFC supported assessment of two  JK Paper plants in India, identified over 15 measures to reduce water usage, including measures eliminating water leakages, changing once-through water systems to closed loop systems and replacing fresh water with recycled water. As part of a package of energy and water-saving projects financed with an IFC cleaner production loan, these measures are expected to save 3.4 million m3 of water p.a., representing 17% average savings for the two plants.
  • Universal Enterprises Private Limited (Universal) is one of the largest integrated tourism companies in the Maldives, a water-stressed country. With support of an IFC cleaner production loan, this client implemented projects to improve energy and water efficiency, including measures to improve the specific energy consumption of sea water pumps and reverse osmosis systems; install an efficient reverse osmosis system and improve system efficiency through a maintenance program; reduce overall water consumption and replace inefficient bore well pumps. This project is expected to result in annual savings of around 21,000 m3 of water, implying 4.7% reduction in average water consumption per room in four resorts.
  • In India, IFC and its client Jain Irrigation Ltd, a major Indian producer of dried fruits/vegetables and of micro irrigation systems, are conducting a water footprint assessment of onion and mango farms in Western India to identify the best irrigation technologies to deploy throughout Jain’s supply chain. IFC’s US$60 million in investments, which supported increased production of the company’s micro irrigation systems, is expected to result in annual water savings of 700 million m3 in the agriculture sector.


For more on IFC's work in Water and Wastewater, please see our Sector pages. 


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