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Investments into industrial efficiency improvement can help a company's profitability, increase competitive advantage, improve company image, reduce environmental impact, and reduce risks and liabilities.  

Industrial Efficiency


IFC experience shows that investments into industrial efficiency and cleaner production can improve profitability. IFC is interested in helping clients take full advantage of cleaner production techniques by offering advice to optimize facility and process design, identify retrofit opportunities and explore alternative energy and other resource efficiencies (e.g. water). 


Project examples:


  • IFC's $4 million investment into Assan Demir in Turkey improved energy efficiency of the aluminum plant.  The production improvements minimized heat loss in furnaces, reduced temperature in casting operations, installed efficient lighting systems, and used hot water instead of detergent for degreasing. 
  • IFC invested €2 million in Drujba glass container manufacturer in Bulgaria. The project increased recycling of waste glass through equipment to wash and sort glass by color and remove debris and contamination to yield glass of better quality.
  • Our bakery client in Brazil found $637,000 in annual savings from energy efficiency improvements.


For more information on IFC's work in industrial efficiency, please see our Sector pages. 

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