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IFC continues to develop new financial products that enable companies to manage risk and broaden their access to foreign and domestic capital markets.

Project and Corporate Finance

IFC continues to develop new financial products that enable companies to manage risk and broaden their access to foreign and domestic capital markets. Our broad suite of investment services can ease poverty and spur long-term growth by promoting sustainable enterprises, encouraging entrepreneurship, and mobilizing resources that wouldn’t otherwise be available.


Because of IFC’s increased concern about global climate change our resources are increasingly focused on renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. We have also become increasingly more active in supporting water projects to avert a looming crisis.


By having a greater presence in developing countries, we are improving responsiveness to client needs and leveraging partnerships with other international financial institutions and donors to ensure a coherent approach to sustainable development.


Renewable Energy Generation


Since 2005, IFC has financed more than $2.3 billion in renewable energy projects, including  biomass, geothermal, hydro, solar and wind. 

Renewable Energy Supply Chains


IFC's involvement in renewable energy supply chains plays a critical role in driving costs down, making renewable energy sources more competitive with conventional energy and eventually achieving grid parity, thus minimizing environmental impact. 

Green Buildings


While environmental pressures are compelling reasons to build responsibly, green buildings create additional rewards that are a win-win for all. IFC has resources for various stakeholders in the green building value chain. 

Utility Efficiency 


IFC contribution to scaling up both supply-side and demand-side energy comes through a variety of investments in projects such as power grid automation of the power grid, load management, power plant efficiency, smart metering, and others. 

Industrial Efficiency 


IFC helps clients take full advantage of industrial efficiency techniques by offering advice to optimize facility and process design, identify retrofit opportunities, and explore alternative energy and other resource efficiencies (e.g. water). 

Resource Efficiency Technology


IFC has prioritized investments in energy efficient machinery in order to help reduce poverty by expanding access to alternative and affordable sources of electricity, to encourage infrastructure expansion, and to mitigate the impacts of climate change.

Waste and Recycling


IFC investments in the waste sector encourage low cost, technically viable, and climate favorable waste collection and disposal solutions with energy recovery where feasible. 

Water and Wastewater


IFC provides advisory and investment assistance to help clients identify and adapt to water-related risks exacerbated by climate change, making projects more resilient to existing and potential adverse impacts. 

Agriculture and Forestry


IFC provides financial and advisory support to the agribusiness sector along the full value chain directly to companies and indirectly through intermediaries (e.g. traders, financial institutions).


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