Creating Opportunity Where It's Needed Most
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Climate Business

We look for venture or growth stage companies with sustainable technological or business process innovations that provide high growth, high impact opportunities in developing markets. 

IFC Strategy in Cleantech Innovation

What do we look for?


  • Game changing technologies or business models that bring down cost of services or products in emerging markets;
  • Innovative companies that can scale up and are sustainable on their own merit without subsidies, with a footprint in developing nations where IFC is prepared to take execution risk;
  • Private sector companies that lack direct or indirect government control;
  • Home-grown businesses in emerging markets or technology transfers benefiting developing nations;
  • Strong management teams; and
  • Measurable environmental benefits.


What is the deal design criteria? 

The Clean Technologies Investment Team looks to invest in companies that deploy innovative technologies or business models, based on the criteria below: 


Investment Areas
  • Clean technology or business model innovation – see more information under Investment Areas.
Geographic Profile
  • Originating from or deploying to developing world.
  • Companies that face significant developing country risk and deliver local economic benefit.
Company Maturity
  • We seek companies with high growth potential. 
  • We also have the ability to target very early-stage companies with high risk but high development impact. 
  • We do not work with R&D stage companies nor seek significant technology risk. 
  • We are not active in seed finance, but we collaborate with our colleagues in infoDev, who work on incubation programs in IT and Cleantech.
Deal Size
  • $1 million - $30 million
Deal Structure
  • We seek an equity stake of up to 20% and often catalyze co-investment from a network of partner fund managers focused on investing in developing countries. 



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